Tax advice in Spain

We offer fiscal advice in a number of different languages to both individuals and companies, including preparation, settlement and submission
of the following statements:

  • Bookkeeping of both issued and received invoices;
  • Quarterly and annual VAT returns;
  • Quarterly income tax returns;
  • Annual income tax returns both for residents and non-residents;
  • Statements of split payments of Company Tax;
  • Annual statements of transactions with third parties;
  • Annual returns of Company Tax.

Other Services

Bookkeeping/accountancy advice

Please find below some of the topics that the experienced accountancy department of Arcos & Lamers Asociados is high

Spanish S.L. Company

We can advise you on the type of company that would suit your situation best, taking into account various factors

Company tax

If you are thinking of getting involved in the incorporation of a new company in Spain, Arcos & Lamers Asociados wil

Other Services

Not only for accountancy and tax advice we are your designated English-speaking law firm in Spain.