Bookkeeping/accountancy advice

Please find below some of the topics that the experienced accountancy department of Arcos & Lamers Asociados is highly familiar with

  • The accountancy for legal entities or natural persons that carry out an economic activity in Spain according to the needs of the client in fulfilment of the Spanish Accountancy Standards;
  • Constitution and registration of all kinds of Spanish companies. Counselling on the increase and/or decrease in capital taking into account possible modifications of the regulation;
  • Day by day bookkeeping of Spanish activities, fulfilling Spanish accountancy and tax rules;
  • Advice and fulfilment of any Spanish tax liability, Spanish tax advice and fiscal reporting to the shareholders and directors of any type of Spanish company;
  • Spanish employment advice. We offer services like advice on drawing up employment contracts and senior management contracts, salary administration, preparation of payrolls and declarations towards the Spanish Social Security (for both individuals and companies), dismissals and sanctions, claims for payment, legal advice and defence, preparation of payroll and severance payment, advice, arbitration and resolution of labour disputes;
  • Counselling to companies and businesses, cash-flow projections, and preparation, analysis and presentation of the annual accounts in Spain;
  • Our services include a full round accounting cycle, checking your bookkeeping, granting and presenting any tax declarations and annual accounts at the corresponding public entities, Spanish Inland Revenue or Mercantile Register.
  • Providing you with a full service package that includes legal matters, taxation, accountancy, corporate and tax counselling in Spain;
  • Trademarks and patents. We can deal with all formalities to be carried out before the Spanish Office for Patents and Trademarks on the exclusive right on your trademark and distinctive symbol to defend your business’ interests.

Other Services

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